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Our mission

We offer safe, high-quality beauty and wellness products that respect the environment and celebrate Africa's natural and traditional treasures.

Our vision

We ally beauty and well-being by offering high-quality, clean, natural skincare products.  We aspire to create a sensorial, immersive, and captivating experience for our customers, taking them on a journey of discovery and exploration.

Our values

  • Inclusion

  • Wellness

  • Quality and Authenticity

  • Cultural and sensory experience

  • Sustainability

The origins of Majanga Cosmetics

Alida, the founder of the Majanga Cosmetics brand, firmly believes in the natural powers that contribute to health, beauty, and well-being. Born in Majunga, Madagascar, she was partially raised by her grandmother, who lovingly crafted therapeutic and cosmetic products from traditional ingredients, thereby infusing her daily life with the beneficial omnipresence of nature.

Alida has embarked on various journeys, spanning from Madagascar to Reunion Island, France, and Canada. While she has demonstrated adaptability in her travels, the same cannot be said for her skin. Acclimated to a warm and humid climate, her skin experienced significant dryness upon relocation to colder, drier environments.

Beyond the climatic shift, a demanding urban lifestyle, adjustments in living conditions, and harsh winters have exacerbated the strain on her skin, leaving it stressed, parched, and lacking vitality. Despite experimenting with an array of skincare products over the years, ranging from budget-friendly creams to high-end cosmetics, the results have proven fleeting... and age only exacerbated the challenge.

Determined to address this problem, Alida embarked on a personal journey to create customized skincare solutions rooted in traditional recipes and time-tested ingredients. Armed with her knowledge in herbalism and natural cosmetics formulation, she forged ahead with confidence.

Notably forward-thinking, Alida acknowledges the significant impact of stress on skincare and overall well-being. Consequently, she integrates authentic aromas sourced from essential oils, aiming to positively influence emotional wellness while also benefiting the skin. Moreover, she actively seeks moments of relaxation and indulges in soothing rituals to enhance overall well-being.

Embracing a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, Alida celebrates her cultural heritage with Majanga, a brand name that echoes her origins and signifies 'healing, 
nurturing'. This perfectly encapsulates her mission to nurture and share an immersive, captivating sensory experience.

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